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Age: 31

Health: Fair. Small cough every twenty to ninety minutes, almost no throat discomfort. Possible allergy.

Work: Outdoor physical labor at minimum wage in 91F weather. About six hours a day,  for as many days a week I can work. Seasonal. Goes to weekends only in September/October.

Food: Selection is what can fit into a mini-fridge that I share with two other people. I use a food stamps card in order to purchase food for myself. I also purchase food for my parents as well.

Housing: Currently living in 14 x 14 room with parents. Sleep on two sleeping mats on floor at night. Bonus: pool outside.

Location: Poor. Only gas stations, and my job in walking distance. Bus stop ten minutes away that goes to downtown in about a hour and a half.

Social life: Random, to non existent. I went out twice last week with friends and this week I havn't gone out at all.

Emotions: Stable to generally positive. It's uplifting to live with the parents after the last situation. However my Mom's analytical to borderline personality can make living here occasionally feel almost intolerable.

Current goals: Enter and win video contests with animation, continue writing, work as much as I can at this seasonal job and buy a car this summer, continue developing myself creatively, try to post on friends livejourna/facebook pages more.


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