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I Was An Intern (PA) For Hollywood
Wow! What can I say about the experience. It was utterly amazing. It felt like one of the best experiences ever. Sort of like when your a little kid and you want to go to summer camp so bad and when you get there it's not what you expected? Well this is what it is was like if it was just like what you were expecting even better. I help the PA's move stuff around, and other then that we fetched item for crew members. The famous craft services table was absolutely marvelous. There were all kinds of snacks including my favorite dried mangoes and greek yogurt omg. I even got to unleash my inner attention whore when the director asked me to stand-in for the actor and I did- while pretending to be the actor and method acting all over the place while the camera was on me. Hahaha. Oh gosh it was so much fun. And to make it even better, after I left they e-mailed me and told me they would be paying me $100 a day for participating! And I am SO going to put Production Assistant on my resume and try doing this again in the future! It was SO much fun!!!


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