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Kicked Out
Around 2 AM last night my mom finally let me into the hotel room so I could sleep on the floor. I've been staying with them for a month. When I woke up they announce they are very concerned about my addiction to role playing games and smut. I don't have employment at this time since hours were cut back at work, a car, or anything. I am so sad.

It's time like these that I regret draining my savings though they have selflessly helped me my entire life

I regret being alive and being addicted to the internet and role playing games. I have wasted my entire life on the internet and it has influenced everything in my life including the way I relate to others. Lust is the plaque of humanity.  Without following Gods commandments you will be lost in darkness with no soul. God help me.and form me into the man you want me to be.


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