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Quieter Day
Back to relative normalcy.

I delivered about twenty-four minutes of video footage to a friend of his recent sports game. he was very appreciative of it and tried to give me two dead computers and two t-shirts that didn't fit. Haha. later that evening i went out to a friend's pool tournament where i met his old single white dude friends and felt incredibly bored. then i took him out to dinner as he only had three bucks after buying a waitress a eight dollar meal from a restaurant next door. it felt weird since he works 30 hrs a week at 10 and i havn't gotten any hours in the past two weeks at my 20 hrs a week at 7.50 job. i also met a woman at the pool tournament who wanted to forward my resume to a nearby municipality that might be hiring.

i've gone to two locations within transportation distance, one is a restaurant and would hire me at 9 if i worked nights and weekends, the other is a gas station where i can't get to the manager to get a interview. my mom wants me to go put an application in to work in NY for a bunch of pro-lifer catholics.


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